New lawsuit reveals chaotic moments during Oxford High School shooting

Lawsuit names dean of students, principal, 3 teachers, 2 counselors

The Oxford school shooting survivors filed a lawsuit revealing new insight into the chaotic moments as the shooter opened fire. The suit also squarely places the blame on school employees who they claim didn't do enough to stop it.

Oxford High School shooting survivors filed a lawsuit revealing new insight into the chaotic moments as the shooter opened fire on Nov. 30, 2021.

The lawsuit also squarely places the blame on school employees who they claim didn’t do enough to prevent the shooting, which left four students dead and seven other people injured.

The mother of student John Asciutto is suing Oxford High School staff and administrators on behalf of her sons, John and Anthony Asciutto II. Father John Vackaro is also suing on behalf of his son Marco Vackaro.

Both John Asciutto and Marco Vackaro survived the fatal mass shooting at the high school. The students’ accounts of the events started with them stating that Ethan Crumbley, the accused shooter, first shot a student in the bathroom and then shot several female students in the hallway.

“And then he turned his gun toward John Asciutto and Marco Vackaro. Noticing them, Crumbley shot at both students. He struck John Asciutto in the left buttock and missed Marco Vackaro, who saw several bullets strike into the hallway wall,” the lawsuit reads.

Both John Asciutto and Marco Vackaro were able to escape from the shooter and the building.

Marco Vackaro’s brother Anthony Vackaro reportedly hid, terrified, in a classroom with others for an hour during the shooting.

The Local 4 Defenders give us an inside look at the chilling plans detailed within the journal of accused Oxford shooter Ethan Crumbley. That journal was with the 15-year-old student on Nov. 30.

The lawsuit names Oxford High School counselor Shawn Hopkins, who testified Thursday during a preliminary examination hearing for Ethan Crumbley’s parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, who are each facing four involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the shooting.

During his testimony, Hopkins said he was concerned that Ethan Crumbley was being neglected by his parents after they were informed of their son’s alarming behavior the day of the shooting.

“You did not file a 3200 form with Child Protective Services, alleging that there was a suspicion that mom and dad weren’t getting (Ethan Crumbley) proper medical attention,” an attorney said to Hopkins.

“I did not,” Hopkins said.

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The lawsuit claims that Hopkins and other school officials violated the state’s Child Protection Act, failing to act as mandatory reporters of neglect to Child Protective Services.

Local 4′s Shawn Ley asked Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald if she plans to pursue criminal charges against Hopkins and other Oxford school staff.

“I do not see a criminal case against any school employee,” McDonald said.

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