Troy Public Library to stop charging late fees

Library going ‘fine free’ starting April 3

The public library in Troy is planning to end late fees for overdue items starting in April, though they plan to have other consequences in place for those who don't return what they've borrowed.

TROY, Mich. – Some good news for book lovers in Troy: The city’s public library is going to stop charging late fees once and for all.

Troy Public Library officials announced that starting April 3, the library won’t charge late fees to patrons with overdue items in an effort to encourage visitors as COVID infections begin to wind down.

The library says that by eliminating most late fees, it hopes to:

  • Encourage patrons to readily use the library.
  • Foster good will with the community by showing trust that they will return items.
  • Create a positive, rather than punitive, association for the library with our patrons.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere where staff can concentrate on improving customer service and providing positive interactions with our community.
  • Eliminate any budgetary burden on patrons, as fines will no longer be a source of revenue (patrons already support the library through its dedicated millage).
  • Remove monetary barriers to access, a tenant of the public library as an institution.
  • Continue a policy that has been in practice for two years (due to the building closure) which has been shown to work well.

Patrons will still be charged late fees for HITs books and MeLcat interlibrary loans, officials said. Return policies and due dates will still apply despite the library going “fine free.”

Visit the library’s website here for more information.

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