Former Hamtramck police officer charged with towing-related bribery

Michael Stout accused of accepting bribes

The federal probe into Detroit's towing practices has taken down city council members, police officials, and now a former Hamtramck police officer. 60-year-old Mike Stout is accused of taking $9,200 bribes, and that's not all.

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – A 60-year-old former Hamtramck police officer is accused of accepting more than $9,000 worth in bribes from a towing company operator.

Michael Stout of St. Clair Shores left the Hamtramck Police Department in 2020. He’s accused of accepting cash bribes and a used 2013 Chevy Equinox.

The investigation dates back to October 2019 when then-retiring officer Stout started speaking with a tow truck driver who was working with the FBI.

An 8-page criminal complaint states that Stout told the tow truck driver that he could provide registration and license plate information in exchange for cash. The information was taken from the Michigan Law Enforcement Information Network (or LEIN).

Stout is another in half a dozen public officials charged with taking bribes related to towing. It’s said to be connected to the corruption probe that ended with former Detroit City Council member Andre Spivey in prison.

In this case, the unidentified tower continuously asked for favors. Stout eventually came across an undercover FBI agent acting as a used car dealer. The undercover FBI agent wrote off that Stout paid more than $7,000 for the used vehicle.

Officials said many conversations were recorded, including alleged talks about a scheme to sell abandoned vehicles from other states.

“The Hamtramck Police Department has been made aware that one of their former members has been indicted as part of an ongoing federal investigation. His final day of active employment was Sept. 19, 2019,” the Hamtramck police chief said.

Stout was sued previously for allegedly illegally seizing vehicles and using racial slurs.

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