Parent pushes for more safety precautions after witnessing car strike Roseville Middle School student

‘I don’t understand why there’s no crossing guard’

A 7th grade student at Roseville Middle School was struck by a vehicle while in a crosswalk.

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – A seventh-grader was hit by a car Tuesday at an intersection near Roseville Middle School, police said.

According to authorities, the incident happened around 7:20 a.m. in the area of Martin Road and Barkman Street.

Update: Child struck by car outside Roseville Middle School is fighting for her life, family says

There was more traffic in the area because of a crash and police shooting that happened just about a mile away.

Officials said a 21-year-old Detroit man struck a Roseville Middle School student as the student was crossing Martin Road.

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The 12-year-old was crossing the street at a crosswalk, but there was no crossing guard or stop sign as extra safety precautions.

Tina Edgil, a local mother, ran to the preteens’ rescue and has been vocal all day about why there’s a need to be more safety precautions at that intersection.

“I’m praying for her family, for everybody that had to witness it, for the driver. I mean, it was horrific,” Edgil said.

Edgil was taking her son to school when she witnessed the incident.

“I just rubbed her back and told her, you know, ‘Help’s on the way. Stay with me.’ You know, I just prayed for her,” Edgil said.

Edgil is now pushing for more safety precautions to be placed in the area.

“They don’t have a crossing guard for the middle school kids there, I don’t understand why there’s no crossing guard. Or at least make it a four-way stop,” Edgil said.

The preteen went into surgery right away after the incident and is now out and recovering. Her family and friends are hoping that she will pull through.

A GoFundMe page has been created for the family of the child who was struck by the vehicle. Click here to make a donation.

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