Detroit animal control still searching for 2nd dog accused in attack that injured 2 at Bates Academy

School officials say 2 girls attacked are back home and in good spirits

Animal control searching for dog after 2 girls attacked at Bates Academy in Detroit.

DETROIT – One of two dogs that attacked children on a Detroit school playground has been found.

The city of Detroit said animal control responded to the call within 10 minutes and response times have improved because of more staff and trucks on the road.

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One dog was picked up Thursday and is in a 10-day quarantine to be evaluated for rabies, which is standard. It was a stray, with no tags or chips to identify an owner.

Animal control is working with DPSCD security to receive and follow up on leads about the second dog.

Carl McClanahan, field operations manager at Detroit Animal Care and Control said they are determined to find that second dog.

“I’m a parent. So, obviously, as a parent, it doesn’t make you feel good. A lot of my staff are parents and these folks are working hard to find that dog because they’re parents. So the parental instinct kicks in and everybody wants to find this animal because they know how they would feel if that was their child,” McClanahan said.

With all of the commotion during the attacks, witness weren’t able to give a definitive description and are counting on community tips.

If you see a stray dog in the city of Detroit, do not approach it, call their hotline at 313-922-DOGS.

The city said the last call animal control received about a stray at Bates Academy was a month ago. It was a different dog.

The dog was picked up, evaluated and determined to be adoptable. It was later adopted by a Wyandotte family.

Original: 2 girls rushed to hospital after dog attack at Bates Academy in Detroit

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