Focus: HOPE hosts annual ‘Eleanor’s March 4 HOPE’

Marching for equitable employment

More than 300 people met outside of Focus: HOPE in Detroit on Sunday for the annual Eleanor’s March 4 HOPE.

DETROIT – More than 300 people met outside of Focus: HOPE in Detroit on Sunday for the annual ‘Eleanor’s March 4 HOPE’.

For 40 years, Eleanor’s March 4 HOPE has brought people together to walk the streets of Detroit in support of a social justice issue. This year, the organization is marching for equitable employment.

Equitable employment isn’t just about addressing barriers someone may face while looking for a job.

Focus: HOPE’s Corporate Philanthropy Officer Ashliegh Mitchell says, “people think that’s it, once you get a job that’s fine, but once you find a job there are barriers that come with it. There’s transportation barriers, there’s certification, if they need tools, if they need other resources, childcare”

The organization has programs and partnerships that offer solutions to those struggles, and Sunday’s event was a chance to let people know that help is available.

“We do have resources here available, when the community comes they can learn more about Focus: HOPE, they can learn more about the programs and services we provide, our workforce development has a booth here as well,” said Mitchell

Britney Touchstone, who attends every year, walked with her family on Sunday. She says equity in the workplace is needed now more than ever.

Touchstone tells Local 4, “I think especially right now when people are trying to do better for themselves, especially after the pandemic, I think they deserve to have the skills that they need and sometimes there’s a big learning curve.”

Britney has been to at least 15 of these events with her family, they volunteer at Focus: HOPE. Every year they march as a reminder of who she is and the difference she wants to make.

Focus: HOPE is a nationally recognized civil and human rights organization and was founded in 1968. The event is named after one of the organization’s founders, Eleanor Josaitis.

For more information on Focus: HOPE or to volunteer, visit their website by clicking here.

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