Leader Dogs for the Blind is looking for host families

Nonprofit founded in Detroit in 1939

You have certainly heard of Leader Dogs for the Blind. It’s an organization founded right here in Detroit in 1939, but maybe you are unaware of how many people and animals come together to give people who are blind, visually impaired or deaf-blind skills to gain independence.

The dogs do their part.

“A Leader Dog becomes the eyes for someone guiding them out of their homes and giving them the independence they may not have had,” said Christina Hepner the digital marketing manager for Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Volunteers can do their part by hosting Leader Dog Moms. Right now, two special dogs need host families. Truvy and Wendy. Both are very good girls.

“Basically, the commitment is about 2-3 years,” said Hepner. “The dog will have four litters of puppies, through the time you’ll have the support of the veterinary team and breeding team free of charge.”

Appointments need to be kept up at the center in Rochester Hills. Then at the end of her service, the dog retires and becomes your ‘fur-ever’ pet.

The organization also needs volunteer puppy raisers starting in January.

“We are having litters of puppies coming in and we will need puppy raisers to help train that puppy up until they are about 12-15 months,” Hepner said.

Puppy raisers host the littlest helpers until they become old enough to get formal training and become a Leader Dog. It’s a beautiful process that helps so many.

There are two virtual orientations coming up for potential host families or puppy raisers. The first is Weds. December 7th.

For more information or to sign up: www.leaderdog.org

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