Macomb County child orders $1K worth of GrubHub when ‘playing’ on his dad’s phone

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Macomb County child spent $1,000 of his parent’s money Saturday night as he was “playing” on his dad’s GrubHub app.

According to the parents, Keith and Kristin Stonehouse, their son Mason, 6, was playing on his dad’s phone before his bedtime. After Mason was sent to bed, GrubHub delivery drivers were dropping off orders that Mason ordered off of his dad’s phone. There were multiple orders from Leos Coney Island, Happys Pizza and a local shawarma place.

The parents put it together and realized that their son must have been “playing” on his dad’s GrubHub app on his phone.

While maintaining their composure, the parents said they had to figure out the best way to show their son that food equals money. This situation was a good reminder to childproof your apps that contain your credit card information and a good lesson for Mason on how you need money to buy food.

To learn more about the GrubHub mishaps, watch the video player above.

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