Priya Mann: Putting on wrinkle patches feels like a dose of self-care in an increasingly busy world

I do want to be mindful that aging is a gift

Getting older ain’t for the faint of heart -- but nowadays it can be a smoother ride.

There seem to be so many options these days, and I find many of them on social media. Like many of us, I take it all with a grain of salt.

So when I heard about wrinkle patches, I was cautiously intrigued. It seemed non-invasive and didn’t require a doctor’s appointment.

Putting them on is an art though. They’re slimy and sticky, and I want every last drop on my crows feet or forehead. Several times they’ve slid down my face or fallen in the sink while I was trying to get them on just right.

Once they’re on, it feels like a mini-trip to the spa. I get stuff done around the house while they work their magic. After the allotted time has passed, I remove them hoping my lines are softer and less noticeable.

I have to say, the short-term results are promising. I feel less puffy and more alert, and it does boost my self-esteem. The problem is staying realistic long term.

I know I’m getting older and with that comes more wrinkles, lines, greys and other signs I’ve passed the sun more than a handful of times.

My goal is to age gracefully. I’m not against Botox (haven’t done it yet) or plastic surgery, but I do want to be mindful that aging is a gift, and being desirable isn’t the only end goal.

That’s a delicate dance I haven’t figured out quite yet. I want that magic bullet and have to work on building true inner confidence so that I can show up in the world authentically.

Having said that, putting on wrinkle patches feels like a tiny dose of self-care in an increasingly busy world -- and I’m here for it!

About the Author:

Priya joined WDIV-Local 4 in 2013 as a reporter and fill-in anchor. Education: B.A. in Communications/Post Grad in Advanced Journalism