Fain wins close race, declared new United Auto Workers president after Curry concedes

Shawn Fain wins close race to lead United Auto Workers union

DETROIT – Shawn Fain has been declared the new president of the United Auto Workers, after claiming victory over incumbent Ray Curry in a close and contentious race.

According to a statement from Curry, Fain will be sworn into office on Sunday. “Tomorrow, Shawn Fain will be sworn in as UAW president, and he will chair our 2023 Special Bargaining Convention. I am committed to ensuring that this transition is smooth and without disruptions,” Curry wrote.

In announcing his win, Fain called it a referendum on the direction of the UAW, stating that “for too long, the UAW has been controlled by leadership with a top-down, company union philosophy who have been unwilling to confront management, and as a result we’ve seen nothing but concessions, corruption, and plant closures.”

Fain, a 54-year-old electrician from Indiana who has spent the last decade as a committee person and top aide to now retired UAW Stellantis Vice President Cindy Estrada, also emphasized that “it is clear that our membership has long wanted to see a more aggressive approach with our employers.”

Incumbent President Ray Curry conceded the race on Saturday, wishing the best to his successor. “I wish him, the entire UAW International Executive Board, staff and clerical support as well as UAW’s membership great success for the future,” Curry wrote.

As president, Fain is expected to chair the 2023 Special Bargaining Convention and will be put to the test as the union prepares for contract bargaining this year with Ford, GM, and Stellantis.

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