Michigan couple ties the knot in unexpected venue: Lowe’s store in Metro Detroit

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Warren Lowe's Wedding

WARREN, Mich. – When it comes to weddings, there are so many different ways to celebrate two people who are in love and getting married.

From backyard weddings to destinations, the choices are unlimited. For one Michigan couple, they were able to wear their wedding attire and recite their vows in a Metro Detroit Lowe’s.

A Lowe’s associate in Warren, Nahren Hido, had plans to get married to her fiancé at a local courthouse since her family was still in Iraq and couldn’t make it over to the United States for a wedding.

When her work family heard this, they decided to coordinate a wedding for their fellow coworker. Hido’s coworkers worked with store management at the Warren Lowe’s for two weeks to pull off a wedding.

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“We were all so proud to be able to make such a wonderful associate’s special day,” store manager Katie Jo Gill said in a statement. “It was one we all will remember, knowing that we are family and not just coworkers.”

After store hours, Hido and her fiancé walked down aisle 25 in front of the bride’s coworkers and got married.

The coworkers set up outdoor furniture as an altar and used flowers from the garden center and carpet samples to create a runway for the bride.

Check out the gallery above of photos from the wedding.

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