Here’s what we know about Great Lakes Crossing false active shooter situation

Chaos ensued after someone yelled ‘shots fired’

No active shooter, no injuries found at Great Lakes Crossing. (WDIV)

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Police responded to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills on Saturday after reports of an active shooter -- police said there has been no confirmed shooter and no one is injured. Here’s what we know about the situation.

According to Auburn Hills Police Department Deputy Chief Scott McGraw, officers were inside the mall at the Biggby Coffee in the food court responding to a report of some kind of theft at approximately 6:22 p.m. McGraw said it was a routine call.

As the officers were responding to the call, a fight broke out in the food court. McGraw said they intervened and eventually had to deploy their tasers to take the individuals into custody.

McGraw told Local 4 that while the officers were working to take the individuals into custody, someone in the crowd shouted “shots fired.” The officers on the scene attempted to control the situation, but he said people responded appropriately -- they began ducking for cover, running, and evacuating.

The mall sent out a mass alert and advised people to shelter in place or evacuate. This mass alert is what initiated the enhanced police response from multiple agencies.

McGraw said the mall has been searched and they have not located a shooter, gun, or anyone with injuries.

The Auburn Hills Police Department received multiple 911 calls amid the situation inside the mall, but McGraw said they have not been able to locate any witnesses.

He said, depending on the person’s intent, shouting “shots fired” could be considered criminal, which is why he’s urging anyone with information to contact the police department.

The two individuals involved in the initial fight were handcuffed before the situation unfolded, but fled the scene after the person in the crowd yelled “shots fired.” Police are also asking anyone with information on the people involved in the fight to contact the police department.

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