Police: Pipe bomb found near park on Lake St. Clair

Pier Park in Grosse Pointe Farms reopened Saturday

GROSSE POINTE FARMS, Mich. – Officials report a pipe bomb was found at Pier Park on in Wayne County on Friday.

Police confirmed Saturday that the Grosse Pointe Farms Department of Public Safety responded to a call on Friday morning after a Pier Park employee discovered a suspicious-looking object near a pedestrian drop-off area. It is reported that the employee took the object and threw it into the nearby lake.

Following an initial alert to the public at 3:13 p.m. about the suspicious, officials found the 5-6-inch object resembling a pipe bomb. The area was secured after locating the object near a break wall at the park, and assistance was sought from ATF, Detroit Bomb Squad, and Michigan State Police. On Friday, around 5 p.m., police reported that the park was temporarily closed after the explosive device was recovered from the lake.

After examination by the Grosse Pointe Farms Dive Team, the department confirmed that the object was a pipe bomb.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the GPF Pier Park will be temporarily closed for a sweep by law enforcement after an explosive device was recovered from Lake St Clair, initially found on park property. It is anticipated that the park will resume regular operating hours tomorrow (6/3/23). This is purely a precautionary measure,” the Friday alert stated.

Pier Park closed for the rest of Friday and reopened to the general public on Saturday morning. Officials state the incident remains under investigation.