Feds seek stolen money from Kwame Kilpatrick

Former Detroit mayor now in prison after guilty convictions, but federal investigators still seek alleged stolen money

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter


As Kwame Kilpatrick settles into his new home at the federal prison in Milan, Mich., he has something to think about.

Federal investigators want all the stolen money back. Kilpatrick, known for his $5,000 suits and 5,000 square-foot mini mansion in Texas, could shave years off his prison sentence if he plays ball.

Bobby Ferguson has had multiple homes and businesses searched. About $3 million was found. The feds say the two men took $83 million in dirty contracts and they could still be hiding tens of millions of dollars.

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Metro Detroiters want it back.

"I would certainly hope that any money that is found would be returned to the city to pay off the debt," said Michael Patten, a taxpayer.

Returning the money would never get Kilpatrick and Ferguson a get-of-jail-free card. However, it could move their time in prison from the maximum of 20 years to the minimum of 15.

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As for Kilpatrick paying back the city of Detroit $840,000 in restitution he owes from the perjury case, don't expect him to make any new payments from prison.

Judge David Groner adjourned a hearing on Tuesday to find out more about Kilpatrick's autobiography book sales. But Groner says his order stands: if profits are found they go to Detroit, not members of the Kilpatrick family.

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