Gennessee County Leaders stand up to racial inequalities

FLINT, Mich. – On the heels of the now viral video of Gennessee County’s sheriff, Chris Swanson and other deputies marching with protestors, a similar even took place right in front of the department.

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“The meeting today was scheduled last Thursday. Wasn’t even supposed to be this way. We didn’t even know Saturday was gonna be the Saturday it was that changed the world,” said Sheriff Swanson.

Wednesday’s gathering was apart of a discussion about certain systemic racial inequalities plaguing our nation. In a nutshell the department wants to set an example for the world to follow when it comes to minorities and the way their treated by the law.

“From this point forward, everyone gets fair and equitable treatment and we are going to get the training in place now to make sure this happens,” said one deputy on the podium.

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Dozens of local residents looked on as leaders like pastors, the county prosecutor, and member from the department’s of civil rights admitted there is a clear problem.

“Too see all those that came together for a new purpose, not even knowing when we started that that’s what our new purpose would be, it was beautiful,” added Sheriff Swanson.

The hope is that the change can spark a difference in departments all across the county and beyond.

“George Floyd changed American policing forever and if Chris Swanson has anything to do with it, I’m gonna make sure that we never forget. Shame on police if we ever go back to to the way things were before he met that officer,” concluded Sheriff Swanson.

Sheriff Swanson also tells Local 4 this is only the first meeting of many that they are planning to have in Gennessee county about equality.