Certain Michigan businesses allowed to reopen: What to know

Governor relaxes coronavirus restrictions

Gyms and pools in Michigan are allowed to reopen to the public starting Sept. 9.

Gyms and pools in Michigan are allowed to reopen to the public starting Sept. 9.

That’s according to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s announcement Thursday when she revealed executive orders reopening gyms and pools and permitting sports.

Here’s what can reopen:

  • Gyms and pools can reopen at 25% percent capacity starting Sept. 9.
    • Masks will have to be worn inside gyms. Anyone attending a gym will have to provide a name and phone number for contact tracing.
  • Ice rinks and bowling alleys will be allowed to reopen for organized sporting events with limited crowd capacity. The Executive Order reads: “Bowling alleys, roller rinks, and ice rinks may be open for the sole purpose of serving as a venue for organized sports under section 7 of this order.”

Here’s how the order reads:

“Where Michigan was once among the states most heavily hit by COVID-19, our per-capita rate of new daily cases is now well below the national average. Our progress in suppressing the disease has plateaued. Michigan’s seven-day case positivity rate has remained between 3.0% and 3.5% since early June. And although cases have continued to rise slightly -- from a rolling seven-day average of 612 cases per day on July 25 to 745 cases per day on August 25 -- so has our testing volume.

Recognizing the need for ongoing vigilance, this plateau allows us to carefully and deliberately relax some restrictions. An incremental approach -- where some activities reopen before others -- is essential to avoiding uncontrolled spread, measuring the result of changes, and allowing our gradual reopening to continue. This order therefore allows for organized sports competitions to resume, if organizers take appropriate precautions. It also allows for gyms and pools to reopen across the state, subject to stringent safety protocols.”

Movie theaters remain closed

Movie theaters remain closed in southeastern Michigan. This includes indoor theaters, cinemas and performance venues.

There is no indication about when Gov. Whitmer might announce reopening plans for movie theaters.

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