2 men charged in terrorist plot against Whitmer served in US Military

13 charged in domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

2 men charged in terrorist plot against Whitmer served in US Military
2 men charged in terrorist plot against Whitmer served in US Military

LANSING, Mich. – Local 4 has learned two of the men arrested in the domestic terrorist plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer spent time in the military.

READ: 2 charged in Michigan terrorist plots served in US Marines

The U.S. Marine Corps confirmed Daniel Harris of Lake Orion and Joseph Morrison of Munith served for years. The Marines said Harris trained with rifles and Morrison served in the Marine Corps Reserve until Thursday, the day he was arraigned.

“What I would say is that he’s a young man. He was in the Marines, he went in right after high school, when he was about 18. He got out when he was 22, that was a year ago in June,” said Parker Douglas, the Attorney for Daniel Harris.

Parker Douglas, the attorney for Daniel Harris -- one of the 13 men accused of being apart of a terrorist plot to kidnap Whitmer who was charged with Domestic Terrorism, Conspiracy and Weapon Charges -- is addressing the claims on his client’s behalf. Douglas told CNN, during an interview, Harris lives with his parents and works for a sub-contractor and is really shaken up with what he’s being charged with.

“He’s certainly not happy to be connected to what he’s connected to, you know even reading through the complaint I’m not sure what he’s connected to yet,” said Douglas.

Local 4 learned two of the 13 men, served in the military. The U.S. Marine Corps confirmed Daniel Harris from Lake Orion and Joseph Morrison of Munith, were Marines for years. Harris trained with riffles and Morrison was a member in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Harris' attorney said he’s still looking through the complaint against his client.

“I think what we have is a complaint, a sworn complaint, that details, some text messaging, some group calls, and sometimes," Douglas said. “It’s unclear who’s party to which calls. The only thing he said to me was that he’s a person, who likes his privacy, and supports the Bill of Rights, and that he doesn’t really, find that he belongs to one party or the other. The group of five people, that were arrested with him, it’s unclear to me, that they’re related or not, to the other groups who were arrested today. When I talked to him, about whether he knew anything about those other groups, he didn’t indicate to me, whether he did.”

U.S. Marines leaders said they will assist the FBI with this investigation.

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