Jackson County home was alleged ‘training ground’ in plot to kidnap Whitmer

‘Oh, my God. These are crazy times,’ neighbor says

MUNITH, Mich. – Federal and state officials have charged 13 people after uncovering a plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the Michigan government, FBI agents said.

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Through confidential informants and undercover agents, the FBI gained access to audio recordings, ground messages and secret meetings as the group plotted for months, according to court records.

In addition to a Wednesday night raid in Hartland, FBI agents also raided the home of two of the suspects in Jackson County.

Authorities said the Munith home served as a training facility for members of the group now facing terrorism charges.

The property is messy and neighbors told Local 4 it’s been that way for so long that they’ve called police with complaints.

Pete Musico and Joseph Morrison, two of the men accused in the plot, live at a home on Dunn Road in Munith, about 12 miles northwest of Jackson.

Family of the men said Morrison is married to Musico’s daughter.

Neighbors said the raid began just after midnight. That’s when they said they saw a large number of marked and unmarked police cars, military vehicles and a helicopter.

Neighbors have called police in the past about the property being an eyesore and another neighbor called twice about high-powered automatic weapons being fired. They said they saw dozens of men in militia fatigues on the property in recent months.

Musico and Morrison were arraigned Thursday afternoon in Jackson County court. They were each charged with threat of terrorism, providing material for terrorist acts and felony firearm violation.

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