It’s snow laughing matter -- MDOT asks residents to help name snowplows

Inappropriate names will be given the cold shoulder, so be cool with your suggestions

Gordie Plowe has already been submitted, so chill out. We have it covered. (WDIV)

DETROIT – The Michigan Department of Transportation announced Sunday it will start naming its snowplows to add a personal touch to the Mi Drive map.

To see each snowplow’s name, visit the Mi Drive map here and activate the MDOT snowplow tracker map layer. By hovering over an icon, the plow name will appear. Clicking on the icon will show the name and a description of what the truck is doing, as well a driver’s seat view of current road conditions through the snowplow cameras.

Current snowplow names were chosen from hundreds of suggestions and include Plowasaurus Rex, Winter Snowdier, Sir Salts-A-Lot, Snowboni and -- of course -- Plowy McPlowface.

MDOT is hopeful to name each of the more than 250 MDOT plows statewide in the near future.

“We hoped this could be both fun and instructive and we’re thrilled with the participation from students and others in the community,” said MDOT Director Paul C. Ajegba. “I love many of the suggestions, and I can’t wait to see more.”

Schools and community groups are encouraged to submit ideas as an organization.

Suggestions must be family friendly -- anything inappropriate will be given the cold shoulder -- and there is a freeze on submissions that include famous, character or brand names.

Staff from each of MDOT’s seven regions will pick the coolest and most thaw-inspiring names from the list.

Don’t get cold feet and submit your plow names here.

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