Hearing today on Michigan high school winter sports ban

Parents, coaches, students make plea for sports to resume before Feb. 21

The battle over whether winter sports should resume amid the coronavirus pandemic continues in Michigan.

The battle over whether high school winter sports should resume amid the coronavirus pandemic continues in Michigan.

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There are two different things happening:

First, another hearing where parents, coaches and athletes will plead their case. Second, the “Let Them Play” coalition say there is something we haven’t talked about happening.

A week ago, students, coaches and athletes testified in a committee hearing on how no sports is effecting them mentally. The coalition has a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Health and Human Resources (MDHHS). They were protesting last weekend and they will be back for another hearing with the same message.

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Their lawsuit is asking a judge to grant an injunction, sending high school athletes back into action, not just practice.

The same group will have a press conference to address a different problem. They argue kids’ futures are at risk as students who have the financial means to travel out of state during the shutdown are doing just that while others are being left behind.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) went against the state, even going as far as stating they believe COVID spread is not happening or is very low in high school sports right now. The four sports MHSAA wants resumed are basketball, wrestling, hockey and competitive cheer.

The state said if those number stay low, they will consider allowing sports to resume sooner than Feb. 21.

Let Them Play, Inc. had been threatening their lawsuit unless winter high school sports were resumed by Monday, Feb. 1, the same say the MHSAA says winter contact sports started in 38 other states.

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