Michigan parents working from home willing to pay hundreds for week away from family, survey says

Average Michigan parent would pay $592 for alone time amid pandemic


Many people have shifted to working remotely amid the pandemic and, for some, it has been a blessing in disguise. But for others -- namely parents who have had to juggle their remote work, their children’s remote schooling and general care -- the circumstances are less than ideal.

Especially after enduring an entire year of it.

So when realty service website ISoldMyHouse.com asked American parents what they would hypothetically pay for one week of rest and relaxation away from their family, Michigan’s average response was in the hundreds: $592, to be exact.

The realty website surveyed more than 3,000 American moms, dads and legal guardians who have been working from home amid the pandemic, and Michigan’s average response actually falls on the lower end of the spectrum. On average, parents across the U.S. said they would be willing to pay $873 for a week away from their children and significant other.

In states like New Hampshire, Nevada and North Dakota, surveyed parents were willing to pay more than $1,000 to get away. Parents in West Virginia were willing to pay the most for a week of alone time, with the state’s responses averaging $2,448.

Now, the survey only asked how much a parent would be willing to hypothetically pay to get out the door, but we want to know more: If money is no object, how would you spend a weeklong vacation to yourself? Where would you go? What would you do?

Let us know using the form below!

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