Michigan Rep. Cynthia Johnson targeted with racist death threats, State police investigating

State representative believes threats stem from her comments against Trump supporters late last year

Michigan Rep. Cynthia Johnson targeted with racist death threats

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Rep. Cynthia Johnson said it was the last thing she was expecting to hear when checking her voicemail -- an extremely racist and violent rant coming from a complete stranger.

“I was on my way to work to Lansing and I was listening to messages and there was one that I heard and I had to literally pull to the side because it jarred me,” said Johnson (D-Detroit).

The message lasts more than three minutes as a woman on the other end of the line appeared to have a genuine hate for African American women.

“Some people just don’t like smart Black people. How about that? They just don’t and they will try to keep you in your place,” said the Democratic representative.

Johnson believes the message may stem from comments she made herself against certain supporters of former President Donald Trump who previously harassed her resulting in her censure late last year.

“I believe that this is from that point and I’m sure it is,” she said.

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, was another politician who’s name was dropped in that voicemail.

Michigan State Police sent Local 4 a statement about increased security at the State Capitol because of these threats.

“Due to an increase in threats against elected officials nationally and in Michigan, we have had an increased visible and non-visible security presence at the Capitol since Mid-January.

“We continually re-assess security protocols and make adjustments as needed to continue to ensure the safety of our elected legislators and those who work at and visit the capitol. We take all threats very seriously.”

Michigan State Police

You can watch the full report in the video above.

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