More Michigan COVID vaccine sweepstakes winners announced

$50,000 winners announced Tuesday, July 27

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer helped announce the latest winners of the state’s MI Shot to Win Sweepstakes.

As part of the MI Shot To Win Sweepstakes, the state is rewarding one person who received a COVID vaccine with $50,000 for every day in July. On Tuesday, the winners from July 7-17 were announced.

“COVID 19 has impacted us just like many families. My cousin died last month because of this virus, he was just 34 years old,” said winner Amiral “Zina” Al-hacham.

Al-hacham said that was the deciding factor on why she had to get the vaccination. but it wasn’t the only reason. Her family is the newest winner of the state’s MI Shot To Win Sweepstakes.

“We got vaccinated because we want to keep our family and community safe. Especially, my husband travels all over the United States,” she said.

Winner Anthony Carroll said he had his personal reasons on why he had to get the shot.

“I got it because not only am I high risk, but I have several very young nieces and nephews, and my mom is getting up there in age. You can’t deny that this is not only the safest thing that we can do but the most compassionate thing we can do,” Carroll said.

So what will they do with the money?

“I plan to spend my prize money on just getting my life back on track. I’m going to also reinvest in my career,” said Carroll.

“We plan to use the money to buy a new house and pay back my student loans,” said Al-hacham.

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