Spontaneous Valentine's Day ideas

Creating a memorable Valentines Day right in the city

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DETROIT - Wondering how to pick the best Valentine's day date spot in Detroit for you wife, husband or sweetheart?

Based on an analysis of thousands of restaurants and bar recommendations by Wist, http://www.getwist.com/  a fun new apps that gives you personalized food and drink recommendations for any occasion. Dating venue expert and Wist CEO, Aigerman Shorman has come up with five action steps you can take to find the perfect Valentine's Day venue:

Step 1: Search within a genre. Does you significant other love to visit fancy places, or prefer more laid back spots? Choose one and search.

Step 2: Give the night a theme. Instead of unrelated venues and gifts, give the night a theme and coordinate activities around this theme.

Step 3: Get sentimental. If you've shared a long history together attempt to re-create past memorable moments. If you're newly together prepare a thoughtful reason why you picked your chosen place.

Step 4: Check in to check out the details. Don't just show up to a restaurant or bar without specific recommendations. Check out online and mobile reviews first for suggestions on what to order for the best experience.

Step 5: Have a plan B. Just in case things don't work out as you planned, have a couple secondary locations in mind.

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