Michigan GOP rep. who attended rally ahead of deadly DC riots under scrutiny

Lawmakers who supported overturning election results shouldn’t be seated says House Minority Leader

Michigan Rep. who attended rally ahead of deadly DC riots under scrutiny
Michigan Rep. who attended rally ahead of deadly DC riots under scrutiny

DETROIT – Members of Michigan’s House of Representatives want to remove a Republican colleague from office for attending the rally in Washington, D.C. that preceded the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol Building that left five dead.

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Rep. Matt Maddock and his wife Meshawn are vocal supporters of President Donald Trump and have tried to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan.

Matt Maddock and Meshawn -- who is expected to become the next Republican Party Co-Chair -- spent much of Thursday in closed-door meetings.

Both of them declined an interview with Local 4.

Matt Maddock was sworn into the Michigan House of Representatives Wednesday. The second term of Matt Maddock, of Midland, looks to bring more controversy than the first.

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House Minority Leader Donna Lasinski said Maddock’s work to attempt to change the outcome of the election and his presence at the rallies are reasons he should leave the Michigan Capitol Building.

“To have elected lawmakers continuing to propagate false conspiracy theories about what happened in our election and what we are facing has driven us directly toward this outcome,” Lasinski said. “They must be held accountable, which is why I’ve asked for the 18 members to not be seated and for Rep. Maddock to be censured and possibly removed from office.”

In a statement from Maddock’s office, the resolutions were called “unfortunate” and went on to say, “The speaker still has seen no evidence that Rep. Maddock did anything that rises to the level of reprimand or punishment. He attended a peaceful rally and did not participate in the detestable riots at the Capitol.”

Michigan ‘prepared to respond accordingly’ if threat is made to state Capitol, Whitmer says

Members of law enforcement are coordinating with the Michigan National Guard to make sure they’re prepared to respond to any sign of violence at the state Capitol, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said.

“What we are seeing play out across our country right now is deeply concerning,” Whitmer said.


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