Michigan SOS declines to testify before Senate Oversight Committee over 2020 election

SOS feared spread of misinformation at committee hearing

Michigan secretary of state will meet with Senate Oversight chair about 2020 election

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson declined to appear in front of the state’s Senate Oversight Committee on election matters, saying she feared the spread of misinformation.

On Tuesday morning, Benson and committee chair Ed McBroom spoke over the phone.

Benson sent McBroom a letter after discussion

The letter read in part, “I appreciated the conversation a great deal and am optimistic we can find ways to work together towards our mutual goal of ensuring all citizens have rightfully placed faith in the integrity of our elections and strength of our democracy.”

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While the Senate Oversight Committee has heard from multiple people of all political backgrounds, there have been some which testified on conspiracies.

“I have seen no evidence that there is either a massive organized attempted fraud or a massive unorganized attempt at committing voter fraud that has impacted the outcome at all,” McBroom said.

However, he sees room for improvement.

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“I don’t think that anybody can look at what happened in the run up to the election with all the confusion about the rules, all and all of the court cases, all of the disorganization that happened on Election Day and then aftermath, and say everything was perfect,” he said.

McBroom anticipates that the committee will have a full report on the 2020 election in the upcoming weeks.

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