Prominent Republican lawmakers threaten to split from GOP, form breakaway party

‘The Republican Party is not healthy right now,’

A group of prominent Republican politicians -- including some from Michigan -- are threatening to leave the GOP and form a breakaway party.

A group of prominent Republican politicians -- including some from Michigan -- are threatening to leave the GOP and form a breakaway party.

The group is specifically targeting President Donald Trump’s policies and his control of the party’s platform.

Former Michigan congressman Paul Mitchell left the Republican party in December amid the former president’s fight to overturn the 2020 U.S. General Election. He said the new group isn’t making demands, but has a wish list and they plan to put their money where their mouth is.

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“Enough already, look what we’ve done to our country in 10 years,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell spoke to Local 4 from his farm about the launch of a new group he helped found called A Call for American Renewal. The former Republican lawmaker and 149 current and former GOP members signed on to a list of principles that include truth, ethical government and rule of law.

The idea started days after Mitchell left the Republican Party.

“We need a healthy two party system, maybe three parties,” Mitchell said. “But we clearly need two healthy parties and the Republican Party is not healthy right now.”

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The group’s members include former governors, members of Congress, presidential advisors and party officials who all agree the Republican Party needs to be fixed of challenged by a new party entirely.

Mitchell said the focus is on the everyman, the people who simply want to work and live without having to worry about getting lost in political games.

“They don’t agree on everything, but you know they want it,” Mitchell said. “They don’t necessarily think that there’s one solution, but -- I hate to swear, but dammit, they want something done.”

Mitchell said they plan to get involved.

“We’re going to support candidates -- Republicans, independents, Democrats -- that commit to doing that,” Mitchell said. “We will engage in elections, we will engage in identifying candidates and they’ll be fun candidates and structure their campaigns, even.”

More information on A Call for American Renewal can be found on its official website here.

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