LIVE STREAM: Biden delivers speech on democracy in Philadelphia

Speech to begin around 8 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 1

PHILADELPHIA – Watch live coverage as President Biden delivers a prime-time address from Philadelphia on what the White House calls the “battle for the soul of the nation.”

Biden is schedule to deliver remarks around 8 p.m. -- watch live in the video player above, or live on Local 4.

Biden planned to use a prime-time speech Thursday night at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to frame the November elections, less than 10 weeks away, as part of an ongoing battle for the “soul of the nation.” It’s a reprise of his 2020 campaign theme that he is using now to cast the current stakes in as dire terms as those that sent him to the Oval Office two years ago.

Biden, who largely avoided even referring to “the former guy” by name during his first year in office, has grown increasingly vocal in calling out Trump personally. White House officials say that reflects the urgency with which he views the threat of Trump and his loyalists.

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