Canada expected to unveil plan to reopen border in phases

Canada expected to unveil plan to reopen border in phases
Canada expected to unveil plan to reopen border in phases

DETROIT – Canadian officials are expected to unveil its first steps in reopening its border with the United States on Monday.

The border closure was extended on Friday to last through July 21 and the confusion over what happens next has left many feeling caught somewhere in between.

According to Canadian reports, the Canadian government is expected to launch a way for people to cross the still closed U.S.-Canada border.

Update: Some restrictions eased for Canadians, permanent residents crossing US border

The tentative reopening is expected to happen in phases, using the Arrive Canada App that keeps a digital record of vaccination status. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested in early June that fully-vaccinated people may be the first to be able to cross.

“Today being Father’s Day, I’d like to see my dad,” said Derek Cookson, whose family is in Canada. “I’d like to hug my mom. I’d like to see my family and be able to visit with them. That’s really the only thing I want to go do.”

Cookson has waited 15 months to see his family in Canada. As dual citizen, he could cross now, but he’s not sure about his 10-year-old daughter who can’t get the vaccine. He wants a plan that makes sense for everyone.

“They’ve had all this time that they have to play, they should have had a plan in place for when this was eventually going to open,” Cookson said. “I hope that when they do that it’s it’s fair for all individuals.”

The vaccine roll-out in Canada has been taking longer than it has in the States. Trudeau said he wants at least 75% of Canadians to have had at least one dose of the vaccine before opening the border. Right now, the country is at 66%.

The Canadian Border Services Agency has a checklist for those to find out if they are eligible to drive to Canada. To find out if you can enter Canada, go here.

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