Report: Canada to launch first phase of vaccine certification for cross-border travelers in July

New feature to be added to ArriveCan app, CBC reports

US-Canada border

Canada’s federal government is planning to roll out the first phase of its COVID vaccine certification program for travelers entering the country as soon as next month, CBC News reports.

CBC reported Thursday that a federal government source said a new feature will be added to the ArriveCan app starting in early July.

UPDATE Friday, June 18: US-Canada border restrictions extended to July 21; measures for fully vaccinated to be announced June 21

UPDATE Monday, June 21: Some restrictions eased for Canadians, permanent residents crossing US border

“The app will allow travelers to take a photo or upload a snapshot of their vaccine documentation into the app before going through customs, the source said,” reads the CBC report.

Canada is taking a phased approach to reopening its international border. The federal government announced earlier this month that fully vaccinated residents and permanent Canadian residents crossing the border into Canada will no longer be required to stay at a hotel during their quarantine.

“Exemptions for fully vaccinated travelers who are eligible to enter Canada are expected in early July. Current travel restrictions still apply,” reads a statement from the Canadian government this week.

Those restrictions include testing and quarantine requirements. Canada-U.S. border restrictions have been in place since March 2020. The current non-essential travel restrictions are set to expire on June 21, but officials believe they will be extended again with exemptions for fully vaccinated Canadians.

In December 2020, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the ban on nonessential travel with the United States will not be lifted until COVID-19 is significantly more under control around the world.

The Canadian Border Services Agency has a checklist for those to find out if they are eligible to drive to Canada. To find out if you can enter Canada, go here.

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