🤩 Jada Pinkett Smith is talking to Live In The D about what?


Movies, television, singing, screenwriting, she's done it all. Jada Pinkett Smith is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Now, she's talking to Live In The D about her show that she hosts with her daughter Willow Smith, and her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris. It's called Red Table Talk, and these ladies spill the tea on everything. Smith also brings guests to the table to join in on the conversation including her husband Will Smith, Grammy Award-winner Alicia Keys, and comedian Chelsea Handler.

Monday on Live In The D, Tati Amare talks live with Jada Pinkett Smith. We'll learn what it's like for Smith to work with her daughter, and see if it ever gets awkward? What did she learn from her conversation with Alicia Keys? And, what is her message to women who look up to her as a role model for being a mother, actress, singer and accomplished business woman? That's Monday at 10 a.m. on Live In The D.

Here's what we're talking about today

🎸 Jack White and Alice Cooper are coming together for a special Halloween event in the D, and it's all for a good cause. 

📱 Did you know that you're likely carrying around a bacteria magnet that may be full of germs? It all depends on how often you clean this one thing that's with you every day.

Do you remember the first time you took a trip "up north"?


🚘 Finally! I had my first experience going "up north" in Michigan and it was a beautiful and relaxing experience. Picture it with me... Traverse City, Mission Peninsula, fresh air, sunshine. My late summer, early fall trip was overdue, but firmly solidified my belief on how it's so important to get out of your everyday routine and environment in exchange for a change of scenery. Of course, the ability to "get away" is limited by time and resources but if you can, JUST DO IT.

I giggle as I write this because as a creature of habit, it's very easy for me to stay in my comfortable, cozy enclave of life. However, I never regret it when I get out of my routine and try something different. My experience up north was no different! From the second I arrived, I felt an ease come over me. Maybe because there's less traffic, fewer people, and slower pace than in the heart of Detroit. But whatever it was that caused me to relax, the one thing that I realized was I NEEDED A BREAK. Granted there was some work involved on my trip, but it simply didn't impact me the same way as a normal work day. 

And at the end of the trip, I felt like I needed another week... or two... or three. LOL! The moral of the story? If you can get away for a mini-break, go for it! Most likely, you'll return refreshed and rejuvenated, as I did.

-XOXO, Tati

Check out Tati's trips up north:

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✋ Raise your hand if you have a sweet tooth! It's National Dessert Month, next Monday is National Dessert Day, and we found a place in metro Detroit that's going to satisfy your craving. Cakes, tarts, chocolates, macarons, this spot has every delectable dessert you could want.

🎃 Sure we all know Thriller or Monster Mash, but there is a musician from Detroit that's ready to give you a new soundtrack for Halloween. His sound has a classic 80's, horror movie vibe, and it's perfect for trick-or-treating.

What's Happening Around The D

🗓️ Eleanor's March 4 Hope

🗓️ Trick or Trick on the Huron River 

🗓️ Sit Down Somewhere art exhibition

🗓️ Brew & Fall Fest at Jimmy John's Field

🗓️ Take a trip through The Haunted Forest at TreeRunner Adventure Park

Throwback Thursday

🐍 Are you ready to get over your fear of all things creepy and crawly this Halloween season. The Repartium in metro Detroit is here to help you learn to love the creatures that usually give you a spook.

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