Pamper pets this holiday season with some amazing new technology

Here's some of the coolest stuff you can buy for your pet

DETROIT – Americans spent more than $63 billion on their pets this year, and while most of the money went toward food, many pet owners also love to spoil their furry friends.

Local 4 took a look at some of the coolest stuff you can buy for your dog or cat, starting with something that means something extra to residents in Michigan.

Graphic designer Doug Zuba had the idea for his "MIpet" pet tag company about a year ago, and he's created a stylish accessory that any Michigan pup might be proud to wear.

"I kind of wanted to create something I had a passion for," Zuba said. "I'm passionate about design and I'm passionate about animals. It's not like I had Florida. I mean, what is that, a dog leg? So the idea just kind of fit."

After some trial and error with different materials, Zuba came up with a durable, weather-proof, stainless steel tag with a colorful cover that depicts the state as a paw.

Tags are marked at Detroit Laser in Royal Oak, where shop dog, Pi, keeps an eye on quality control. "MIpet" tags are guaranteed to stay legible for a lifetime.

If your kitten is smitten with the mitten, there's a tag for him, too. Instead of a bone, the Upper Peninsula is made into a fish.

It's a brand new company, but "MIpet" has already gotten orders from all over the state.

"As a matter of fact, even out of state," Zuba said.

Local 4 went searching for other nifty gizmos that use technology to entertain pets.

You can keep an eye on your furry friends anywhere with the "Furbo" camera. Check in on your phone, get alerts when he's barking, talk back to him and even toss him a treat while you're at work.

The "Babble Ball" makes noises when your pet touches it or walks past. The interactive play keeps dogs and cats engaged, giving them more exercise.

If your dog is already a fetch-a-holic, he probably wants to keep playing long after you've tapped out. The "I-Fetch" never gets bored, until your dog finally does.

You can control the "GoBone" with your phone, sending the toy zipping around. Put treats inside to reward your pet after a digital hunt.

The "dogPACER" treadmill is a serious investment in canine cardio health. Most dogs like to run much faster than we do, so it can give them a great workout. Add it to your home gym and never worry about bad weather again.

Twenty percent of sales from "MIpet" tags go to a Michigan animal rescue.