National radio host calls Michigan football fans 'pathetic'

ESPN host calls Michigan fans 'a whiny and sniveling bunch'


ESPN radio host Paul Finebaum specializes in covering the SEC, but he also has strong opinions about teams much farther north.

A Michigan football fan called in to Finebaum's show on Tuesday, and the radio personality went off the deep end. After the caller asked why Finebaum wasn't giving the Wolverines any credit, Finebaum ripped into him, saying that he didn't know what he was talking about.

"Why don't you come back next week and actually know what you're talking about?" Finebaum said. "And maybe you won't be whining and crying, OK? Go, Big Blue."

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But it didn't end there. Finebaum had one more thing to "get off his chest."

"Is there a more pathetic fan base in America than the University of Michigan? What a whiny and sniveling bunch," he said.

Since Jim Harbaugh took on the SEC during the offseason, Finebaum has been critical of "cartoon character" Harbaugh.

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Is Finebaum still upset that Harbaugh undressed Florida in the Citrus Bowl? Or that the Big Ten East is quickly becoming the best division in college football, ahead of the SEC West?

Michigan hasn't faced a legitimate challenge on the field, cruising past Hawaii and UCF and coming back to beat Colorado during the nonconference season, so Finebaum hasn't had much reason to talk about the Wolverines.

But after Tuesday's rant, it's clear that Harbaugh won't be invited to dine at the Finebaum household.