Jim Harbaugh says he thought MSU students were chanting 'love Jim Harbaugh'

Harbaugh gives sarcastic response to Spartans' in-game chant


EAST LANSING, Mich. – Another day, another vintage Jim Harbaugh moment.

Saturday was Harbaugh's first trip to East Lansing as Michigan's head football coach, so maybe he needed a year to understand how fans of the rivalry operate.

During a timeout, Michigan State students gave Harbaugh a less than warm welcome, chanting "F--- Jim Harbaugh."

He said he heard it, but he wouldn't admit he understood it.

"Yeah, I heard it, I heard it," Harbaugh said on "Inside Michigan Football" Monday evening. "I thought it was great and classy. I thought they were saying, 'Love Jim Harbaugh.' They kept repeating it, 'Love Jim Harbaugh, Love Jim Harbaugh.' I thought, 'That's awful great sportsmanship by the Michigan State Spartans.'"

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Maybe Harbaugh thought fans would be in good spirits because the game was much closer than anticipated. While many expected the No. 2 Wolverines to run up the score on their in-state rival, the final score was only 32-23. Harbaugh didn't even go for two-point conversions or throw the ball downfield with a big lead.

When he learned the truth, he must have been completely shocked.

"The next day I read ESPN and they were saying it was, 'Frick Jim Harbaugh,'" Harbaugh said. "So I guess I've got to get my hearing checked. I could have sworn they were saying 'Love Jim Harbaugh.'"

Two weeks ago, Harbaugh announced he needs to wear glasses full time to see. Now he needs to get his hearing checked? He's running out of senses for the final four games of the season.

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Sarcasm aside, Harbaugh's hearing is fine, though he might want to keep that selective hearing turned up when Michigan visits Ohio State in Columbus.

I'm sure they'll "love Jim Harbaugh" as well.