J.D. Martinez receives Negan's barbed-wire bat from 'The Walking Dead'

Video shows Martinez opening box with 'Lucille' inside


DETROIT – Detroit Tigers' J.D. Martinez makes a living out of mashing baseballs with a wooden bat, but now he's got a new weapon in his arsenal.

Martinez posted a video Friday of himself opening a wooden box from AMC's "The Walking Dead." Inside, he found a replica of the barbed-wire bat used by the show's most recent villain, Negan.

Negan is one of the most formidable villains in the history of "The Walking Dead." Introduced at the end of season six, Negan terrorizes Rick Grimes and his group throughout the first half of season seven.

His barbed wire bat, Lucille, is Negan's constant companion and his preferred weapon against both people and zombies.

Now, one of the Tigers' most feared hitters is equipped with the same weapon, although the soft-spoken Martinez certainly isn't as menacing as Negan.

Still, pitchers around the country are bound to have nightmares of Martinez walking through the woods carrying Lucille for months to come.

I'm so happy right now! Thanks @WalkingDead_AMC for this gift! #MeetLucille pic.twitter.com/rdAWXpxZ3O

— J.D. Martinez (@JDMartinez14) February 17, 2017