Meet the Detroit Grand Prix's No. 1 volunteer

While the weekend is about loud race cars, precision pit crews and checkered flags, it could not and would not happen without an army of volunteers.

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They come from miles around, some from Akron, Ohio. Others volunteer teams have been around so long they have names and even buttons to identify them to the rest of the race. We had the chance to speak with one of the first ever Belle Isle Race volunteers. Her name is Janice Vuckov and she has a great story to tell about the history of this race from her perch as a board member of the Belle Isle Grand Prix Volunteer Association. 

Yet, to put it plainly, The Belle Isle Grand Prix still needs volunteers to come out to the island and help put on the show. A lot of the volunteers have a real passion for the sport, others just like being part of one of the City’s biggest weekend events all year. Either way, if you’ve thought about joining in on the fun the race organizers say fill out a form, bring your comfortable shoes and help this year’s race exceed expectations. 

For more information, visit https://detroitgp.com/volunteer/.

You can watch Rod Meloni's full story above.

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