New Red Wings ‘Reverse Retro’ jersey: Is this trash?

Detroit Red Wings "Reverse Retro" jersey
Detroit Red Wings "Reverse Retro" jersey (NHL)

The Detroit Red Wings have released their version of the NHL’s new Adidas “Reverse Retro” jerseys.

Now we are faced with a simple yes or no question:

My opinion: Yes, these are trash.

In fact, I think it’s clear Adidas had no idea what to do with the Red Wings, an Original Six team with already simplistic uniforms.

I still want to see what these look like with the full kit -- pants, socks, gloves and helmet. The full look could salvage this practice jersey.

Let me know more about your thoughts on this jersey in the comments section. Perhaps you like it.

Take a look at more of the Reverse Retro jerseys hitting Twitter. There are so many that are waaayyy better than this Detroit one.

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Dave Bartkowiak Jr. is the digital managing editor for ClickOnDetroit.