France lifts ban on Jersey fishermen landing their catch at three ports

France has lifted a ban on Jersey fishermen landing their catch after the Channel Island granted a two-month delay to the controversial post-Brexit fishing licences. Last week the Council of La Manche, Normandy, prevented Jersey vessels from landing their catches in Granville, Barneville-Carteret and Dielette. The fleet was stopped from landing for around five days, fishermen told The Telegraph, with one actively prevented from landing in Carteret on Thursday. Welcoming the news, the Jersey government said the action was “not compliant” with the terms of the Brexit trade deal – the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). But on Tuesday night, the Normandy Fishing committee threatened to block a Jersey freight vessel, the Normandy Trader, from leaving the port of Granville on Wednesday if it attempted to land. Didier Leguelinel, from the committee, told The Telegraph "it won't be allowed to leave", suggesting the fishermen intended to take the law into their hands with or without a ban. Chris Le Masurier, skipper of the Normandy Trader, said that he decided not to land in Granville on Tuesday but instead went to Saint Malo, Brittany. He told The Telegraph the harbourmaster at Granville said he would not be allowed in. "I just want to carry on and work. I’m tired of all this toing and froing, it’s driving me absolutely potty," he said. The Jersey government defended its decision to issue new restrictions on fishing licences for French vessels, which caused outcry in Paris and Brussels last week. A flotilla of 60 French fishing boats blockaded Jersey’s main port of St Helier on Thursday in protest.

Politics latest news: France dispatches two navy ships as minister claims he will not be 'intimidated' by UK show of force

Allister Heath: Labour faces extinction if Boris can retain his hold of the English centre London: Who is running against Sadiq Khan for London mayor? Local elections: when will the results be known? How to vote and where to find your polling station Scottish parliament: Key candidates, and who is leading the polls? Take your own pencil: what to expect at polling stations today Coronavirus latest news: Follow updates in our live blog Subscribe to The Telegraph for a month-long free trial France has dispatched two military vessels to Jersey's capital of St Helier, as the row over post-Brexit fishing rights escalates. The port has been under blockade since dawn this morning, with eyewitnesses estimating around 60 French fishing vessels have been taking part in a protest against new rules that limit their access to British waters around Jersey. The Royal Navy's HMS Tamar and HMS Severn, both of which are equipped with machine guns, are stationed just off the coast. In response two patrol vessels have been sent to waters close to the Channel island of Jersey, as France's European affairs minister Clement Beaune told AFP his government would "not be intimidated" by the UK's show of force. Ian Gorst, Jersey's External Affairs Minister, said the ships would have to remain within French waters unless it sought permission from UK authorities. But he noted that France was "only 14 miles away" from the island, adding: "They can remain in French waters and still be close to us."