Detroit Lions fans react to firing of head coach Matt Patricia, GM Bob Quinn

The team made the announcement Saturday

DETROIT – It’s an emotional roller coaster being a Detroit Lions fan -- something Stephen Jones knows too well.

“Every Sunday, you wake up just optimistic and hopeful,” Jones said.

“It is a privilege to suffer through every season,” said Joe Mayone.

Although Jones and Mayone said being a Lions fan is not easy, they have mixed emotions about the Lions firing head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn.

“It’s never a good thing when somebody loses their job,” Jones said.

Other fans on social media had different reactions. One fan suggested rehiring former head coach Jim Caldwell.

“There’s definitely some differences from the end of Caldwell’s tenure to the end of Patricia’s tenure. Getting a GM and head coach coming in at the same time can hopefully mean for more collaboration,” Mayone said.

Jones’ suggestion on who should be hired next: “I really like Eric (Bieniemy) out of Kansas City. He’s the offensive coordinator there. Everybody knows what they’ve done with (quarterback) Patrick Mahones.”

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