Ypsilanti sisters confident they’ll return for upcoming Tokyo Olympics

Sisters working to qualify

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The Summer Olympics are currently scheduled to start July 23. That’s good news for sisters and 100-meter hurdlers Cindy Ofili and Tiffany Porter.

Ofili and Porter were so close to the medal stand at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Ofili finished 4th and Porter finished 7th.

They knew they had to go for it again in 2020. Training was going well until everything shut down. They had a great attitude, despite the disappointment.

“Look at the bigger picture,” Porter said. “This was bigger than sport, you had to adjust and get ready for next year.”

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Porter recently had a daughter. She said it was a blessing to get more time to train. Ofili recently got married and if she was able to change her wedding plans, she can do anything.

Now that restrictions have lifts a little in Michigan, both sisters are back to an intense training regimen at the University of Michigan.

“We train five days a week,” Ofili said. “Sometimes six.”

Indoor meets have begun nationwide and Olympic qualifiers are scheduled for June. Both sisters said they’re training as if the Olympics will happen this summer.

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