Tech Time with Andrew Humphrey: Dr. Ciara Sivels is a pioneer in her field -- Part 1

For Women’s History Month, Local 4 is celebrating the incredible women who are making a name for themselves.

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Dr. Ciara Sivels is a true trailblazer who accomplished a groundbreaking achievement earning her doctorate.

She continues to help the world and inspire others.

Sivels is a nuclear engineer and the first Black woman to earn a PhD in nuclear engineering from the University of Michigan.

She initially wanted to be a chef until a chemistry teacher noticed her talents in math and science.

She applied to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was the first in high school’s history to ever be accepted.

She then joined U-M in 2013 for her graduate studies. The university was considered the top nuclear engineering program in the United States.

“It was the best for nuclear at the time, so when I got admitted, I thought ‘Man, another door has opened!’” Sivels recalled.

This is the first part of a two-part story. You can read part two here.

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