Kevin Saunderson and Idris Elba debut new video with Detroit Will Breathe activists center stage

click to enlarge Screen grab/YouTubeStill from 'We All Move Together.' The group marched for more than 100 days following his death demanding racial justice, police reform, and transparency.“You could be anywhere in the globe tonight, we salute your soul because you chose light,” Elba chants.Saunderson's Inner City teamed up with Elba for the track and Detroit's Eightfold Collective for the accompanying black and white video,reports. “Our platforms can shine global light on the amazing work they do, and it takes the message of the track to an even higher place.”The end of the video is dedicated to detailing the accomplishments of Detroit Will Breathe, despite the fervent opposition of DPD Police Chief James Craig, who, last month admitted to treating Detroit Will Breathe activists differently than those supporters of President Donald Trump who stormed Detroit's presidential ballot counting center last month. Chief Craig claims those protesters acted peacefully, while DWB did not.“Since forming, they have overturned the arbitrary, unjust, and racist 8 p.m. curfew imposed to squash protester rights,” the video for “We All Move Together” reads. “Brought scrutiny to the DPD, including a federal restraining order barring them from brutalizing protestors,” as well as “exposed an attempt to cover up police misconduct related to the death of a Black woman in police custody.”Watch the video for “We Move Together” below