Wayne County announces 2019 projects while struggling to keep up with crumbling roads

Officials announce 99 projects

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Wayne County officials Tuesday detailed which roads and bridges will be worked on in the coming months, but the overshadowing theme at the announcement was how much can't be done because of budget restrictions.

Even with nearly 100 slated projects overall, Wayne County roads will still decline.

Outer Drive on Detroit's west side is one of the biggest projects in the county and was likely in the worst condition.

This year's construction schedule has projects many residents will be thankful for, but county officials said that's not enough.

Outer Drive is one of 99 projects in Wayne County -- 89 road projects and 10 bridge projects -- worth a total of $87 million.

The lack of proper road funding is a hot topic right now. In fact, officials said if Wayne County had enough money, they would be doing double or triple the number of projects.

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