MDOT: Both sides of I-75 in Oakland County to be open by New Year’s Eve

Lanes open for winter

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – There’s still a lot of work to be done, but drivers who take I-75 in Oakland County are getting a bit of relief.

The northbound lanes of I-75 between 13 Mile Road and Coolidge Highway will start shifting to the new pavement on Friday, the Michigan Department of Transportation said.

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According to MDOT, all northbound I-75 traffic will be using the new northbound pavement with three lanes open except for a 1-mile stretch.

That traffic switch to place northbound traffic on the new northbound lanes was supposed to happen by Thanksgiving. However, due to weather delays and additional work added to the original contract, switching northbound I-75 traffic to its pre-construction configuration was delayed until late December.

Getting the southbound lanes back to normal will take a bit more time, but MDOT expects traffic to be flowing on both sides of the freeway by New Year’s Eve.

“There are nine miles of concrete barrier that needs to be moved and the southbound lanes need re-striped so they’re back to their normal configuration before construction started,” said Rob Morosi, with MDOT.

The lanes will be open for the winter. In the spring, all traffic will be directed to the newly paved northbound side of the freeway so the southbound side can be rebuilt.

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