Michigan weather history: The 'Cold Summer of 1992'

Some called it the 'Summer That Wasn't'


DETROIT – The high temperature on June 20, 1992 reached just 51 and 52 degrees in parts of southeastern Michigan. 

It was a record low for the city of Flint, and just one of many record-breaking lows recorded that summer in southeastern Michigan. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the record low temperatures of this time period earned it the the nickname of "Cold Summer of 1992," or even better the "Summer That Wasn't."

This wasn't something anyone in the region expected heading into that summer. Weather historian William R. Deedler wrote "temperatures during the late Spring of 1992 by all accounts were quite normal across Southeast Lower Michigan."

"May was generally a pleasant but dry month with temperatures averaging near normal. However, a subtle but definite change was beginning to evolve in the weather pattern late in the month," he wrote. 

The average high temperature in Detroit that June was 65.5 degrees. In July 1992 Detroit's average high temperature was 68.8 degrees. 

Compare that to the year 2017 when the average temperature in southeastern Michigan -- not just the high -- was between 68.5 and 72 degrees all summer. 

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