Metro Detroit weather: Comfortable temperatures continue

Rain possible this weekend

Metro Detroit weather forecast Oct. 8, 2020
Metro Detroit weather forecast Oct. 8, 2020

DETROIT – We’re on a winning streak as far as temperatures are concerned. Rain chances are slight through the weekend for us as Delta closes in on the Louisiana coast.

Seventies Comeback

We’ll enjoy all of the warmth, without the bell bottoms and disco. Temperatures return to the mid 70s Friday afternoon and get there again for Saturday. A cold front will shave off several degrees for Sunday, giving us highs in the upper 60s. But all three days are above normal for this time of year. In fact we’re on a streak of above normal days that could stretch to ten by the middle of next week.

Rain Chances

That cold front that will cool us down a bit Sunday will also bring at least a chance of rain, mainly in the South Zone and along the east side late on Saturday. Amounts will be pretty light and many of us will stay dry. Monday into Tuesday brings a better chance of getting wet. Rainfall amounts will range between 0.10″ and 0.25″ then. Expect more rain on Thursday.

Chill In Sight

Going into next weekend, our next cooldown is becoming evident. Highs will return to the low 60s and even upper 50s. Showers will be prevalent during that stretch, too. So soak up this mild side of autumn, before the gray dreary portion returns.

Delta Draws Near

The forecast landfall for Delta doesn’t look much different. In fact, it will be a nearly identical location to where Hurricane Laura hit earlier this summer, along the Western coastline of Louisiana. The intensity forecast has changed a bit. It’s likely to be a category 2 storm with sustained winds over 100 mph. The moisture from its remnants will contribute to our rain chances Saturday, but the core of the storm will remain well to our south.

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