Metro Detroit weather: Drier, sunnier workweek, snow possible for the weekend

Chance of snow remains low

Metro Detroit weather forecast Dec. 2, 2020

DETROIT – We’ve turned the corner from clouds and snow, just don’t expect a huge warm-up, even with more sunshine.

Respectable Warmth

Temperatures have jumped 10–15 degrees from our snowy start to the workweek. That puts us slightly above normal for early December. And we can expect similar temperatures through the start of the weekend. Wednesday was likely our warmest day. Extra clouds going forward will shave a couple of degrees off our highs. Overnight lows will remain subfreezing for the entire area and in the 20s for most locations.

More Dry Than Snow

We don’t have a lot of precipitation in the forecast. Friday a cold front sags just south enough to produce some snow-to-rain showers. We may see some lake-effect snow showers late Sunday, but the cold front leading up to that chance looks like it will washout before it gets here. So that chance remains low. The middle of next week looks like our most likely chance for precipitation area-wide.

Optimistic Weekend

With Sunday’s snow chance being small (and late if it shows up at all), most of the weekend will be a green light for getting outside. If you need to put up some last-minute holiday decorations, Saturday will be the warmer of the two days by about 4 degrees.

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