Metro Detroit weather: Several snow chances, weekend chill in upcoming forecast

Hit-and-miss snow showers return Tuesday

DETROIT – We’re in the middle of the month, and everything from temperatures to precipitation looks like a typical Michigan winter.

Snow chances

There’s no shortage of snow in the forecast. Just don’t expect it to stack up this week.

On Tuesday, we get more hit-and-miss light snow showers in the afternoon and evening. There might be a little more oomph (very detailed meteorological term) in the South Zone after sunset. Accumulations might reach up to an inch, but the vast majority of us will get little more than a dusting, if that.

Friday brings another shot, mostly lake-enhanced snow. Again, accumulation looks weak. Expect less than an inch.

By Monday, we get hit with a wetter, more potent system. That does look like inches (plural) of snow. But since we’re seven days out, we’ll keep that on the back burner and see how that system develops.

Getting milder

Temperatures haven’t been far above normal for most of the month. But you might be surprised to know that we’re on our 20th straight day of above-normal temperatures. That means we have yet to finish below normal this year, and we have a decent chance of keeping that streak going into next week.

Tuesday and Wednesday keep us around the freezing mark (32 is normal). But morning lows will be a few degrees above our seasonal 19-degree normal low. So the days likely will average above normal.

On Thursday, we get all the way to 40 degrees, and that’s the extent of our milder weather.

Weekend chill

If we do break that streak, it will be Saturday. We’re forecasting a start in the upper teens, and highs in the upper 20s.

Both days will be dry, until snow arrives late Sunday evening. That’s the beginning of the Monday system outlined above.

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