Metro Detroit weather: Forecasting snow showers for Monday evening, later in week

Major temperature drop awaits

DETROIT – We had the winter look over the weekend, and there will be no doubt about where we sit seasonally by the end of our forecast.

Break before more

Snow showers will wrap up early Monday evening in the Metro and South zones. Then, we get a two-day break before our next system arrives.

It won’t all be snow, however. Expect rain to be a decent part. As you can imagine, that will be the warmest part of this forecast, with a late evening high in the mid- to upper 30s. But once temperatures start to drop, they’re headed to the basement.

Arctic assault

Just remember: Normal lows for early February are around 20 degrees.

Friday’s temperatures will be a consistent drop from a midnight high in the 30s to a sunrise low on Saturday morning, around 15.

Both Saturday and Sunday highs will put us in the 20s, but lows go from 10 degrees Sunday morning to 2 and 1 for Monday and Tuesday starts. Those are temperatures, not wind chills.

Even though we’ll be about 20 degrees below normal, record lows are -10 and -11, respectively, for those days. With air that cold coming over the lakes, expect some lake-effect snow showers around both days, as well.

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