Metro Detroit weather: Temperatures tumble Tuesday night to coldest point in more than 2 years

Normal highs for early next week in the middle 30s

Metro Detroit weather brief for Feb. 16, 2021 -- 11 p.m. update

DETROIT – Temperatures tumble tonight to our coldest point in more than two years. And rest up after shoveling, because we’ll be back at it Friday morning.

Arctic Invasion

First the snow, now the bitter-er cold. Temperatures will tumble to their lowest point since February 2019. We’ll finish Tuesday night at 1 degree for an official low. But a lot of areas (if not most) outside the Metro Zone are on their way to negative numbers for overnight lows. Here’s some hope: temperatures will be on a slow, steady rise from that point into early next week.

Getting Warmer

Highs will touch 20 Wednesday afternoon, then finish in the mid to upper 20s through Saturday. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but we may actually get to 32 on Sunday afternoon. Past that point, we can actually look for some above normal temperatures. Normal highs for early next week are in the mid 30s. We have a good chance of getting above that mark. It may be only for an hour or two, but that still counts.

More Snow

Another snowmaker is taking a very similar path to our Presidents Day Storm. But it looks like it will start to veer more to the east as it approaches the Great Lakes. So we won’t get as much snow, but likely enough to shovel again. It looks like around 2 inches of accumulation, starting Thursday morning, and continuing through early evening. Eastside locations will see the highest numbers, with lower totals in the West Zone. We’re just on the edge of this system, so it won’t take much to change the forecast, up or down before Thursday. We’ll stay on top of it.


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